Vacation Form Free Template

Looking for a free vacation request form for your Columbia, MO business? Good idea. As a business owner, or HR executive, it’s important to have your forms and procedures in place. Many smaller businesses haven’t had the time to create their forms, and the vacation request form is often overlooked. This form is more important than some realize.


Vacation Forms:

  • Can keep misunderstandings with employees at bay. If employees mistakenly think they have been approved for a vacation day due to a hallway conversation, it can lead to misunderstandings and resentment.
  • Enable an easy process to update the company calendar to know when your employees won’t be available. This can help with scheduling projects and production efforts.
  • Provide documentation to clearly indicate when an employee is not acting on behalf of a business.
  • Give HR a chance to check if the employee has accrued the vacation time they are requesting.


When creating your printable Vacation Request Form for your Columbia, MO business, keep in mind that you want to make sure you include the following elements:


Employee’s Area:

  • The employee name.
  • Space for the date of the request.
  • An area for the dates being requested.
  • Some lines for written notes, should the employee want to add some detail to the request.
  • A signature line for the employee.


Admin Area:

  • Space for the date the request was received by the manager, or HR
  • Place for the Manager, or HR staff, to sign and date.
  • Two check boxes to indicate whether the request has been approved or denied.
  • Space for an explanation of any denied request.


We’ve created a page that lists all the forms we’ve made available on the site. Check it out for free templates, letters and forms.

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