Payroll Services in Jefferson City, MO What to look for

Hiring payroll services in Jefferson City, MO can be a test of your investigative prowess. You want the best solution for your business, and you want personal attention for your small business. Most businesses looking to outsource their payroll are looking to spend less time and effort taking care of this administrative burden. They just want to stay focused on generating revenue and growing the business. Using payroll services can be a quick solution to keep from spending more and more in internal administration expenses as your Jefferson City, MO business expands.

If you are on the hunt for a payroll service that understands local factors and works with other Missouri businesses, here’s a few topics to focus upon:

Personal Attention

  • How often can you expect to see your point person in face-to-face meetings with you?
  • What kind of phone access do you have for the payroll service’s staff?
  • What kind of response time would you expect when you have a question?

Local Knowledge

  • Does the payroll outsource understand local, state and city regulations?
  • Are they familiar with any upcoming, or recently passed legislation that affects your company’s ability to stay in compliance with payroll and tax guidelines?


  • How many other companies in the state do they work with? – There are benefits to finding a company that handles similar businesses to yours, since the payroll service will be more familiar with employee classification and deduction issues related to your industry.
  • How long have they been doing business? – You want to work with a company that has been through the annual payroll and tax cycles.

What payroll capabilities do they have?

  • Direct deposit options.
  • Employee-facing customer service capabilities.
  • Handling the variety of deductions and tax withholdings.
  • Will they certify the payroll run?
  • Bringing ideas to you about tax credit opportunities.
  • Ability to distribute the paychecks after they have been created.
  • Ability to file tax returns on all levels of government.
  • W-2 and W-3 processing.
  • Online tools.

Future Needs

What other services do they have to offer your business down the road? – Having the ability to outsource more of your business processes to a known and trusted company can help avoid trying to research and start a relationship with another outsource.

Gut feel is a big deal. If your first few interactions with an outsource make you feel like they don’t care about your business, that’s a bad sign. The beginning of the relationship should be getting a huge focus by the outsource. This is their first chance to impress you. Also, ask them about the kinds of reports available to you.

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