Employee Discipline Templates – Free Form Letter

Many times we find clients in Columbia, MO looking for a free employee discipline template. Here’s a printable one you can use, but you’ll need to customize it to fit your specific business. Keep in mind, we also offer other free letter samples and templates on the site.

A correct employee discipline template should include a number of elements:


  • The date of the discipline meeting with the employee
  • The name of the employee
  • Employee’s identification number (if applicable)
  • Employee’s job position
  • Supervisor’s Name
  • A list of check with the most common misdeeds
    • Performance
    • Safety
    • Attendance
    • Tardiness
    • Other
  • The degree of the written warning
    • 1st Written Warning
    • 2nd Written Warning
    • Final Warning
    • Termination Meeting
  • Space for a more detailed description of the violation.
  • Space for the expected improvement actions.
  • Space for the employee’s statement (if they want to use it).
  • What action will be taken immediately following the disciplinary meeting.
  • Suspension with pay (starting and ending dates)
  • Suspension without pay (starting and ending dates)
  • You’ll need a place for the employee to sign and date, to document the employee has read the discipline document and attended the meeting. Something like, “By signing this notice, I am acknowledging that I have been counseled about my conduct and informed of consequences if improvements are not made.”
  • A place for the supervisor to sign.


Tips for using the form

  1. In the detailed description area, it’s important to list the dates and times of infractions.
  2. In the Expected Improvement actions area, make sure to include what happens if the improvement isn’t seen. Be specific about the kinds of improvements you expect to see.

As a business owner, it’s most important to standardize the way your supervisors apply discipline. Having employee discipline forms and processes in place helps to train the supervisors and avoids favoring one kind of employee over another as time passes. Forms, properly used, also create a paper trail of documentation that greatly helps when things become more severe and you start considering terminating an employee. Make sure your human resources procedures and forms are readily available to your staff. Also, make sure they are aware of the forms and procedures. Having the forms in a drawer doesn’t ensure your staff knows how to apply discipline appropriately.


We have a number of free templates, free forms and example letters on our site.

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